Valsesia - Sport and tradition in Italy's greenest valley

It will be for the spectacular beauty of its mountains, or for its important architectural heritage, or for its strategic closeness to Milan, Novara and Vercelli, but the Valsesia is increasingly a destination for a growing stream of tourists who appreciate its many distinctive cultural, social and environmental characteristics.
It has its origins in the foothills of the Monte Rosa, and runs along the Sesia water catchment area, with the municipality of Gattinara on the left and the slopes of Monte Fenera on the right and up to the confluence of the Sesia with the Sessera torrent. It extends with an almost regular form into a varied, jagged and multi-faceted valley profile said to be one of the most beautiful in the Alps and that can be divided into two large regions: on the one hand, there's the Bassa Valsesia which includes the Val Strona and the Valle di Cellio with all the municipalities that stretch from Borgosesia to Romagnano, and on the other hand, the Alta Valsesia with the Alagna at its centre and its area well-suited to winter sports. Throughout the region, you'll find an atmosphere typical of the Alpine foothills, jealously preserved, thanks also to natural parks and protected areas, which protect the eco-system and the rich ethnic-cultural elements. These features have made it famous amongst mountain lovers, especially for its green pastures and dense forests, the glistening glaciers, the small, beautiful lakes, but also the traditional wooden houses with roofs made of grey sheets of stone and belts of lattice balconies, known as “lobbie”, once used to dry hay, hemp and rye. Everything is combined with ancient traditions - handed down through the generations - in craftsmanship and cooking that make this a special place to rediscover the tracks of rural Piedmont.

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