Plot your own way

Discover the Terra di Mezzo through themed itineraries dedicated to nature, history and tradition. You can create your own experience by following the suggestions, choosing from the many incredible things the region has to offer, or by starting with one of the larger attractions: Vercelli, Biella, Novara or Turin, to explore the surroundings in search of things belonging to all themes.

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Shaped water

Lakes and Water crosses, the "patchwork sea" of rise field

Rice, Risotto and food and wine

A land of rice, great cheese and excellent wine

Bird watching nature tourism

Incomparable landscapes that change colours as the seasons pass

Cycle tourism

Endless opportunities for lovers of two wheels

The ways and the places of faith

The Via Francigena and the Sacri Monti

The truly rural dimension

Traditions and ideas linked to the authentic farming culture of the Po valley