The Region


Imagine a land, divided into four difference provinces - Vercelli, Torino, Biella and Novara - with the vocation of the social, cultural and economic connections that sink their roots into a noble yet troubled past.

A huge chequerboard of colours that change with the seasons; a chequerboard upon which the region's landscapes, culture and flavours move. Where manufacturers and industrial plants live together with exceptional examples of religious art, where water falls from the highest peaks in Europe, shaping valleys and plains before throwing itself into the now unmistakeable patchwork sea of rice fields.
Beautiful natural environments crossed by picturesque thematic itineraries offer endless attractions and opportunities to experience the real outdoors, even on two wheels.

There are ancient estates, historic castles and picture-perfect palaces that are home to jewels of art to be looked for carefully and to approach with the curiosity of the modern pilgrim.

And then there are the unmistakeable flavours and smells from the local cuisine, from wines provided by the generous hills and from the grains of rice concealed in the golden reflection from the treasure troves of water. Traditions today rediscovered by the inhabitants of a unique region, skilled custodians of an updated model of hospitality.

Whatever the reason for your trip, the results will always live up to your highest expectations because these places are a treasure to be discovered and loved with renewed vigour.

Welcome to a land of genuine emotions. Welcome to the Terra di Mezzo.