The ecomuseum of wine and grape growing

Defined as a sort of "fortified silo", the Ricetto di Candelo has to be considered, above all, as a "community cellar". It is a complex that dates back to the 13th-14th centuries, divided into the surrounding walls, alleyways, towers, a real fortified structure designed and built by the Candelese people to store and protect the community's most precious assets: the land's produce, especially grain and wine. It's not by chance that the term "ricetto" (receptum) means shelter or refuge. Inside the Ricetto is the Ecomuseum of wine and grape growing (Ecomuseo della Vitivinicoltura) which is an integral part of it, a unique example in Europe, which shows visitors, not just the technical equipment used in operations to transform grapes into wine and to treat and preserve the product, but also the architectural artefacts and itineraries of a marvellously preserved medieval village, and used as a huge community cellar by the rural community.
Ricetto di Candelo, vista panoramica del villaggio medievale

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