The Principato di Lucedio

The Abbey of Lucedio (Abbazia di Lucedio) was founded in 1123 by Cistercian monks who reclaimed the region, introducing at the start of the 1400s - for the first time in Italy - rice cultivation. Thanks to the strategic geographical position along the Via Francigena, the Abbey became a thriving economic and political power, so much so that it became of source of conflict to obtain control of it. That is how it passed from the Gonzagas to the Savoys to eventually be owned by Napoleon at the beginning of the 1800s. In the meantime, in the course of its long history, it was visited by three Popes.
A visit to it nowadays can take one of two routes: on the one side is the historic-artistic route through the Sala dei Conversi, the Sala Capitolare, the Cloister, the Refectory and the Galleria. On the other side is the agricultural arm of Lucedio that explains to visitors every phase in the cultivation and production of rice.
It's possible to combine a tasting of some typical products from the region: the world-famous Lucedio risottos!
Principato di Lucedio
Principato di Lucedio

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