Its skyline, surrounded by impressive Alpine peaks, hits right at the heart. The Piedmontese capital presents itself like this, as a city of unique charm, a metropolis that looks to its past as a small village in Piedmont that became the capital, aiming at the future with the ambition of a city in step with the challenges brought by modernity. Although many people might remember it for Fiat and Juventus, it is, above all else, its intense history which has left the most indelible marks in every corner of the city. Strolling through its streets, it's impossible not to be dazzled by the centre's architectural elegance, a sign of its past as a capital in a kingdom that made its fortune by controlling the Alpine passes. Unmissable city treasures are the palaces that made the history of this subalpine capital, for centuries the heart of the Savoy kingdom and which then became the theatre for national unity. Starting from Piazza Castello, with the Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Carignano, the residences where kings and nobles once stayed.
Turin is also home to some of the most important museums in Italy: there's the Egyptian Museum, second in importance and quantity of items only to the museum in Cairo, but there's also the National Cinema Museum, situated in the incredible setting of the Mole Antonelliana, and then there's the renovated National Automobile Museum which now boasts a highly graphical exhibition and a unique collection of cars in Europe. Without forgetting that this is a city loved for its good food, and even better things to drink! Under the 18 km of arcades from its centre, you can find innumerable wine bars, elegant cafes and lively bars and restaurants, right next to luxury shopping streets with the biggest brands. Finally, Turin is the ideal destination for anyone wanting to enjoy the many outdoor activities available, both in the city centre – in the vast Parco del Valentino – and in the surrounding areas that contain the extraordinary "Crown of Delights" (corona di delizie), the beautiful residences once used by the Savoy family as hunting lodges and summer retreats, surrounded by their incredible parks and gardens and which today have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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