Monte Fenera nature park

The Monte Fenera is recognisable by its profile from the Novara and Vercelli plains. The Park which takes its name is located in a central area in relation to the plain featuring rice fields, between Alta Valsesia, where the Monte Rosa group stands, and the lakes Orta and Maggiore. It's a strategic point from which to discover the surrounding region, rich in stories, history, culture and tradition. The karst phenomena formed various cavities including the Ciutarun, the Ciota Ciara and the Belvedere cave, in which prehistoric evidence of the presence of Neanderthal Man has been found, that of the Mousterian culture (late Palaeolithic), as well as the cave bear, and from which some important archaeological discoveries have been made. Currently, it is populated by about 30 botanical species.
Parco Naturale Monte Fenera
Parco Naturale Monte Fenera, grotte di Ara

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