The old water mill

The ecomuseum cell that is the “Old Susta Water Mill” (Ex Mulino Susta) at Soprana, is a complex of buildings, the oldest of which dates back to the 17th century. Owned by the parish of Susta for two centuries, it was transferred in the mid-1800s to Angelo Susta. The heirs to the Giletti company, who acquired it in 1940, decided to donate it to the Municipality of Soprana which, after carefully restoring and renovating it, included it in the project promoting the Biella area Ecomuseum (Ecomuseo del Biellese). In October 2010, the millstone was put into operation, made after extensive research, according to traditional ways. It added further elements to the understanding of the processes used to make flour through water-powered systems. Today, the flour produced by the mill and its registered trademark represent not just the basis for a traditional and typical milling operation but also an important tool to help promote tourism in the region's traditional production processes.

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