Cavour channel - West Sesia - East Management bodies

The Cavour Channel is an artificial channel built to support the cultivation of rice in the mid-nineteenth century upon the initiative of Count Camillo Benso of Cavour. Built between 1863 and 1866, it starts from the river Po at Chivasso then it joins the waters of the Dora Baltea and crosses the Vercellese plain heading from south-west to north-east. It crosses the river Sesia in the municipality of Greggio and then runs into the plain of Novara from west towards east before ending, after about 83 km, with a drain, into the river Ticino in the municipality of Galliate. The entire structure has been working non-stop for 150 years, managed by the irrigation associations of West Sesia in Vercelli and East Sesia in Novara, providing water for agriculture and for small hydroelectric stations along its route. Today, it is at the centre of a tourist itinerary to discover the landscape of the rice fields that stretch between Vercelli and Novara.

Starting point: Municipality of Recetto

Arrive at the Parco del Ticino Str. Vicinale del Piaggio, 1 - 28066 Galliate NO

Places visited:

Starting from the river Sesia (Municipality of Recetto, 160 m asl)

Crossing the SP 299 (159 m asl)

Arrive at Novara (Vignale), turning right along the Marangon road (158 m asl)

Turning left onto via San Carlo (159 m asl)

Turning right onto via 13 Martiri (159 m asl)

Turning left along the Farlochetti road (158 m asl)

Crossing the Corso Risorgimento (158 m asl)

Over the level-crossing. (158 m asl)

Turn left (156 m asl)

Intersection with the SS 32 (158 m asl)

Intersection with the SP 4 (158 m asl)

Arrive at Galliate (156 m asl)

Arrive at the Parco del Ticino (155 m asl).

Canale Cavour

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